When I will receive my item?

Depending on whether or not your item is shipped from our local warehouse inventory or is printed on-demand from one of our out-of-state warehouses, please allow for up to two weeks to receive your item. Items from our local Birmingham warehouse will typically ship out within two business days. Items from our out-of-state warehouses will be printed within 5-7 days and shipped out shortly after that. If you need a rush order, please reach out to shop@nextroundlive.com before ordering.

My size isn't available, when will it be?

Available sizes are based on our inventory. If your size is missing, please reach out to us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Why is my size available in one piece of clothing, but not others?

Different pieces of clothing are from different brands. We may have your size in one style and not in another. If your size is simply sold out, then we anticipate stock in that size soon. If the size is not available altogether, then we do not have access to that size in that piece. Reach out to shop@nextroundlive.com and we will see if we can print that design in another style to fit your needs.

I saw one your personalities wearing a piece of clothing but I don't see it on your store, can we order that?

Some of our clothing is for staff only, but most pieces you see the staff wearing will be available. If you have a question about a specific piece of clothing, please reach out to shop@nextroundlive.com and we will get back to you on availability.

What does "pre-order" mean on an item?

Many of our shirts and other items are based on special events such as major football games. We will typically have these up fairly quickly following the event, but will not have any items printed yet. For these, we will let you know roughly when they will be available, but you are simply pre-ordering the item for shipment at a later date. Typically, these items are limited quantity.


For any other questions, please reach out to shop@nextroundlive.com for more information.